Library Space Reservation Request Form

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The Library System has space available for special events, workshops and supplementary instruction.
Please review the Library Space Reservation Policies prior to submitting a request.

With the campus guidelines changing to keep up with the changing conditions of the virus we ask that you please consult the Current COVID-19 Guidelines for Events and Activities on Campus before requesting as you may require approval for your event from the Campus Health Committee. Due to the increase of the number of events on campus, the Campus Health Committee created a form that you can use to get approval for your event. Please be sure to submit the form no less than 10 days prior to your event for approval. The form can be found at

A single contact person must be identified for events, and only that contact person may request changes to a scheduled event.

Access ID (If Applicable)
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Campus Affiliation
Name of Department, Student Org. or Organization/Agency.
Instructor/Facilitator Name (if different than Requester)